11th AUGUST - 21th SEPTEMBER 2014 | TUESDAY-SUNDAY, 09.00 - 19.00

Euro Art Luxembourg

With around 5.000 masterpieces Euro Art Luxembourg is one of the bigger private art collectors in Europe. The main focus is on classical modern fine arts like as from Marc Chagall, Marcel Vertes, Mane Katz, Pablo Picasso, Max Ernst, Joan Miro and Salvador Dalí. The collection had been assembled by Heinz Ess, who started 1970, in the age of 17 years, to follow his passion for fine arts.

Since the surrealistic artists like Dalí often quote the old masters like Vermeer van Delft and Albrecht Dürer, there was no long way to follow this track. Therefore in our portfolio are original engravings from and after Rubens, van Dijk, Vermeer van Delft, Martin Schongauer, Albrecht Dürer and Rembrandt van Rijn.

Nowadays Euro Art Luxembourg is exhibiting their own collection all over the world in until now more then 100 exhibitions in Northern- and Latin-America, Australia and almost every European Country. Aside this Euro Art Luxembourg is organizing exhibitions with artists who are not in our own collection. In this field we are collaborating with selected painters and graphic artists.

In our project “Art Contract” we are providing clients like companies and institutions over a certain period of time with selected art, according to their needs and environmental issues. After a certain period, we are changing the artworks and delivering a new collection to bring some new aspects in the working surrounding of our clients.

Further, Euro Art Luxembourg is buying and selling artworks. In this field of activity we are supporting especially young artists from Cuba and Eastern Europe.

Concerning art in the field of paintings and engravings it is always worth to speak with us.